Tuesday, 16 February 2010


beach huts1
Originally uploaded by www.photoshopforartists.com

This is a neat row of beach huts shot on a beach in Belgium. I used textures from my BEST TEXTURES 1 set. And this is what I used:
SAHARA MIST with overlay blend mode at opacity of 66% with an adjustment layer added to it with the middle brushed away to reveal more of the original layer.
Next up was SILVER PENDANT with soft light mode at 37% opacity.
Over the top of these I added BOOKWORM JACKET with soft light again at 14%
And lastly FUZZY LINEN with overlay at 50%.
It need a coupe of adjustment layers. One was a curves to increase the contrast and the next was a hue saturation to bring down the colours a bit. I then used a border brush and added that to the sides.

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