Thursday, 18 February 2010


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This shot was taken in a field in France on a job for a magazine and I thought it would make a great picture to add a texture to.
Before I started to add any textures I need to tweek the picture a bit. I first over sharpened the poppies to make them stand out and give the picture a 3D look. On top of that I boosted the red and yellows with an adjustment layer and then I added another layer filled it with blue applied a gradient on the layer mask to make just the sky blue. Now for the textures.
Started off with WASHME VAIL in overlay blend mode at 100%. To this I added a clipped hue/saturation layer and blued up the sky some more.
Next up was OUTER GALAZY using soft light at 100% opacity again.
Lastly DRAIN GREY on hard light at 100%. Because this texture showed through quite strongly I added an mask and brushed out the middle.
To finish it off a slight 's' curve to boost the contrast some more.

If you want to see the video tutorial of how this picture was put together using the textures please CLICK HERE