Monday, 22 February 2010


Trees in the wood
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I took this picture in Bordeaux, France on a cold February afternoon while on assignment for a magazine. The French do the regimented line of trees so well that I just couldn't pass it without pulling over a taking a picture. The difficulty was standing in the right place to get the feel of the symmetry of straight lines.

Anyway, I thought it would make a good texture picture but it took a lot longer to do that I thought it would. Don't know why but just couldn't get it to look like I wanted.

The textures for this picture all came from my BEST TEXTURES 1 set so take a look at them.

I started with GREEN GOO which is great on all pictures. I gave that a hard light blending mode at 79% opacity.
From where copied and pasted COCONUT TLE using color dodge at 48% and finally went for OUTER GALAZY at soft light dialling down the opacity to 53%

On top of these I added a few adjustment layer to boost the greens, increase the contrast and desaturate the image a bit.

Hope you like it.