Monday, 22 February 2010


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I took this shot at a wedding and this was one of the table decorations. I really liked the green red pink contrast - just works so well together.
Adding textures to this image was quite challenging because it is quite a busy picture and some textures don't show through so well but with 4 textures from my BEST TEXTURES 1 set it seemed to come together.

I started by copying the background layer and blurred that. To it I added an adjustment layer to unblur the main orchids in the middle but leaving the background orchids blurred.

To that I added the first texture layer which was WEATHERED BLACK with a screen blend mode and set it to 63% opacity.
To that placed MISTY SLAB on top with 100% opacity and soft light screen mode.
Then DRAIN GREY -- linear light - at 22%.

I stopped the textures and added curves layer to increase the contrast then a hue/saturation layer to calm the red down a bit and finally something was still missing so added WASHME VAIL to it at overlay blending mode at 30% and that's it.