Sunday, 4 April 2010


Originally uploaded by photoshopforartists

It's the spring so there is a glut of images with blossom in them on flickr. So as not to disappoint anyone I'd thought I'd give my take on spring with a blossom picture with some textured layers applied to give it a bit of an arty edge.

I used textures from my BEST TEXTURES 1 SET and started with the very versatile:
DRAIN GREY - vivid light - 56% then
MUD DUST - color dodge - 23%
FUZZY LINEN - color burn - 100%
WASHME VAIL - color burn - 100%
And that was it for the textures.

On top of these I added an curves adjustment layer and painted with black over the middle flower as that retained some detail after the added contrast from the curves.

Finally, I duplicated the background and put it on the top of the stack and applied a soft light blending mode at 100% just to bring out some more detail.

That's it. Hope you like it.

You can buy the textures used in this picture by CLICKING HERE