Thursday, 1 April 2010


Pink flower
Originally uploaded by photoshopforartists

If you take a look at the before picture of this finished image you will see a really bright, over-the-top pink and red picture. I wanted to try and get a really faded, old look and below is how I did it.

Do take a look at the screen shot of the photoshop layers and it does look like a complicated job but in fact there are only two textures used and they are from my BEST TEXTURES 1 set.

The first texture is SAHARA MIST - vivid light - 82%
Then SMOKEY BOOK - exclusion - 88%
I then coped the smokey book layer again with an adjustment layer to burn in the edges.
After that I copied the background layer moved it up the stack and with an adjustment layer brought out some of the pink flower.
I finished it off with a few curves adjustment layers and a hue/saturation layer to remove a lot of the colour.

You can buy the textures used in this picture by CLICKING HERE