Friday, 5 March 2010


Power lines in France
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These are some power lines I photographed while in France. I just loved the graphic nature of the poles and line against the blue sky and wheat field. A very simple picture but it really caught my eye.
This type of shot really lends itself to a texture so couldn't wait to have a go at this one.
I started with EMERALD SHINES from my BEST TEXTURES SET 2 using overlay blend mode at 100%. Then picked FADED GOLD with color burn at 43%. I then copied that layer and used soft light at 57% and added an adjustment layer to it and just let the bottom show through.
I then added the SILVER SHADOW with screen at 11%. Then I went for BUSY JADE at overlay at 74%.
To finish it off I then went for a curves layer to boost the contrast.
And that it is.