Sunday, 28 March 2010


Tree amongst graves
Originally uploaded by photoshopforartists

You are probably looking at this and thinking this is a tree in winter silhouetted against the sky - so what. There are thousands of pictures like this in flickr already. And you'd be right and I'd be thinking the same if I saw this as well. But...this was taken one very early morning with a mist rolling down the hills spilling into this graveyard where this one lone tree stood out watching over this hundreds of graves. It was a bit spooky and rather chilling so by using textures I tried to get across the eeriness and this is how I did it.

All these textures were taken from my BEST TEXTURES 2 set .
First one was:
EMERALD SHINES - overlay - 14%
SILVER SHADOW - color dodge - 97%
FADED GOLD - hard light - 79% with an adjustment layer to bring out bit of warmth in the heart of the tree.
RUSTED SLATE - overlay - 35%
WHITE OUT - linear burn - 100%

I finally duplicated the original tree layer moved it to the top of the stack, desaturated it with a hue blend mode at 51%.

I then added an adjustment curves layer and played around with the blue channel to bring out a bit of green.

Hope you like it.

You can buy the textures used in this picture by CLICKING HERE